Russia Threatens Ukraine Over NATO

The Cold War has been over for nearly two decades but remnants of the old struggles continue impacting nations in eastern Europe. The Ukraine’s bid to join NATO has frightened and created anger within the Russian government which fears having a powerful military forces on its borders. Prime Minister Putin warned the government of the Ukraine not to go through with its proposed membership in NATO if it wishes to continue having strong economic relations with Russia. After the split up of the Soviet Union, the Ukraine inherited a large military and electronics industry that was geared towards supplying the Russian military. It is state run, under-funded and unable to readjust their production for other nations other than Russia.

There is no logical reason why the Ukraine should enter NAT) other than issues of prestige. Putin is acting in his normal manner as a bully, but the stakes are too high to pursue the NATO bid which provides no security to the Ukraine. The best security for the Ukraine i