Russia Urges US To Halt Missile Defense System

The upcoming election that will result in a new president hopefully indicates there is a possibility the United States can undo the damage of the Bush administration’s policies which have antagonized the Russian government. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told a conference in Moscow that during the height of the Cold War “we had more mutual trust and respect on the intergovernmental level” between the United States and Russia than we do currently. hew as referring to Bush policies of establishing missile defense systems in Poland and the Czech Republic which, ostensibly, are directed at a possible Iranian missile attack. The Russian foreign minister emphasized, “we propose taking a break. this means that all these projects must stay where they are.. they must be frozen.”

It is unclear to any objective observer why the United States is assuming leadership to construct an anti-missile defense system against a potential Iranian attack on Europe. First, why would Iran attack the European Union, and secondly, if that is a danger, shouldn’t the EU handle this so-called problem rather than the United States?

The Lavrov call for a time out makes sense. Why not allow a new American president to make this decision.