Russia Wants Calm, Not A Storm

During the past presidential election Mitt Romney claimed that Russia was a major enemy of the United States of America. Passage by the US Congress of the Magnitisky Act which was aimed at Russian officials who had caused the death of Magnitsky has aroused anger in Russia. President Putin retaliated with a bill that denied Americans of the right to adopt Russian children. Foreign Minister Segei Lavrov termed the Magnitsky bill as “odious” but insisted his nation wanted cordial relations with the US. “We are interested in constructive dialogue ad the development of stable,mutually  beneficial cooperation, particularly in the area of investment, in tradeand economic relations.”

The major impediment to good relations is the autocratic behavior of President Putin. Yes, Russia supports Syria. Russia also does not wish a nuclear Iran and it does not support North Korean efforts to become a nuclear power. This is time to step back and calm down.