Russia Warns Baltics Over US Missiles!

One of the outstanding characteristics of the Bush administration is its ability to create problems for no other reason than because the president wanted to create them. Last week, the Pentagon suggested if current talks break down with Poland for the establishment of missile bases in that nation, they might be placed in Lithuania. These comments have aroused the fury of the Russian government which regards the presence of US missiles on its boundary as a deliberate provocation. the Russian Duma issues a statement warning Lithuania allowing missiles in its nation”will lead to a change of the Russian Federation’s approach to military security in the Baltics which is currently based on the principles of minimal sufficient military presence.”

There is absolutely no rationale for placing missiles on the border of Russia other than to deliberately provoke its government. The Bush argument they are necessary against a possible Iranian missile attack is ridiculous. Why would Iran fire missiles at Europe and, if that is an issue, why doesn’t Europe handle the situation?

George Bush continues blundering his way across the world creating problems and difficulties the next president will inherit and have to handle.