Russia Warns Ukraine About EU Membership

At a meeting witht the prime minister of the Ukraine, Russia’s President Putin addressed the issue of American missiles that would soon be based in Poland and the Czech Republic. He warned the Ukrainian leader that seeking membership in the European Union would undoubtedly result in a changed Russian attitude toward his nation. “I am not only terrified to utter this,” said Putin, “it is scary to think Russia… could have to target its offensive rocket systems at the Ukraine.” If the Ukraine enters the European Union it might well have the United States place its missile systems on their territory.

At the meeting, Russia’s foreign minister warned that a declaration of independence by Kosovo could result in a “chain reaction” throughout the region. Russia is always fears that parts of its nation might also seek to declare independence.

There is no justifiable grounds for installling American missile defense systems in Poland or the Czech Republic. Claims about possible missiles from North Korea or Iran are ridiculous. If that is the fear, why didn’t the United States accept the Russian offer that it could establish missile defense systems on its territory? Russia is closer to Iran and North Korea than Poland and the Czech Republic. The real reason lies in the warped mind of George Bush who lacks any understanding of international relations. We are living in 2008 when there is no threat of a Russian attack and Bush thinks he is living in 1958.