Russia Warns US To Cease Threats

The Bush administration over the course of the past few years has transformed relations between the United States and Russia from warm to increasingly hostile. Building missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic and extending NATO eastward aroused anger among Russian leaders. Yesterday, the Russian government accused America of undermining cooperation on Iran’s nuclear program after it imposed sanctions on corporations accused of passing sensitive technology to Tehran. “These new sanctions were introduced without any international legal foundation whatsoever.”

Russia is warning the United States if it desires cooperation on action against the Iranian nuclear program, it must cease making unilateral decisions as to what should or should not be done. Under the proposed American sanctions, it would be illegal for business enterprises in the United States to make any agreement with companies doing business with Iran.

Certainly, in such situations, the Russian government should have been officially informed, offered an opportunity to make suggestions about changes, and concern for any problems posed to Russian companies might have been discussed.