Russia Will Wait Out The End Of Bush

The Russian government has made a decision to shut down diplomatic relations with the current Bush administration and place their bets on being able to work out issues with newly elected Barack Obama. Russian President Dimitry Medvedev spoke with Obama and the two agreed to meet as soon as possible to discuss financial issues and problems between their two nations. Russia is furious at Bush proposals to construct missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic and hope Obama will be receptive to understanding their fears of having military weapons on their border. Originally, Bush claimed the missiles were being built to deal with potential missiles from Iran and North Korea, but no sane person can accept that ludicrous position.

Perhaps, Bush can explain why would Iran send missiles against Europe, and, if Europe is the object of a potential attack, why doesn’t the EU build the bases? Medvedev indicated he believes Obama is ready to be an active listener and understand the Russian point of view. That would be a first for an American administration.

  • Mr. Twilight

    I also wrote about this on my paper. This administration has been stubborn, adamant, and foolish. Even in the face failure, Bush still opts, to “Stay the course”

    And your point is true, Europe with is modernity can very well handle this “supposed” missiles coming from Iran. Under Bush, this world has become a more dangerous place. He is the terrorist.
    Countries like Iran, N. Korea and others are reacting to this Bush doctrine of “you’re for us, or against us” and it is out of fear that they seek to wield some instrument that’d make Bush think twice about pulling an Iraq on Iran or N. Korea.

    Further I agree with Russians, in all they’ve done. Georgia should not have attacked S.Ossetia, Bush should not put missiles in Poland because that tends to piss people off.

  • Fred Stopsky

    I agree with you. The American press bought the
    Bush hogwash about “poor Georgia.”