Russia Won’t Counter US Shield With A Shield

A Russian general, Yevgeny Buzhinsky, said his nation was concerned about anti-missile bases to be built by the United States in Poland and the Czech Republic, but his nation would not retaliate. He admitted the United States had given assurances the bases were not aimed at Russia, but he felt such assurances were not sufficient. “We welcome this proposal as a step in the right direction, the acknowledgement that Russian concerns are well-grounded. but, the United States needs to abandon its plans to deploy missile defense components in Europe if it wants to remove Russia’s concerns.” He expressed
Russian feelings the misssile bases were the first step in a long range plan to surround Russia with militarty bases.

The Russians have proposed being allowed to place their officers at the missile bases but Poland has insisted that Polish officers be allowed on Russian bases. Of course, the issue is not allowing officers from other countries to have permanent rights on bases, but mainly focus on the missile defense bases since they have created the greatest concerns.

Russia is warning they may take counter-measures but refuse to disclose the exact nature except to emphasize they do not wish to get sucked into an arms race. All Buzhinsky would say is: “Naturally, we envisage possible retaliatory measures to minimize the risk for our security.”

The bottom line is there is no need for such anti-missile systems or bases in Europe. If Russia is not the enemy, then who is? All Bush will say is the enemy might be North Korea or Iran, but North Korea is already cooperating with the world.

  • Qaswer

    Us is enhancing their attacking capabilities all around the world and often states that it is not for specific countries. I am afraid to know that.

  • Fred Stopsky

    If you bellieve the US is not targteting Russia, you must believe in fairies.

  • Safety Protection Technology

    Not Russia but all the world. I think capturing China is the dream of USA. Other countries in row to reach there are Iran and Pakistan. Perhaps it is the start of “End of the World”.