General Gone Wild

The United States of America spends billions of dollars in pursuit of spies and nefarious individuals who seek to undermine our safety by engaging in spies. If one examines the history of this nation, there are only a handful of examples of people who somehow gained access to secrets and undermined the very foundations of the American nation. Of course, the current American society has given nearly one million people access to “Top Secret” information. The only danger to the United States from spies is from those who are not spies, but simply men and women who might divulge information due to their personal lives. General Michael Carey was a delegate to Russia where the task was discussing nuclear issues. He decided, being on government expense, to have a good time. The general stayed out late each evening drinking with women and becoming somewhat taken over by alcohol. He was late for meals, late for meetings, obnoxious and had one great night at the La Catina restaurant in Moscow with some ladies of the night.

His superiors classified behavior as “indecorous.” I do not know if he divulged secrets, probably not, but such drunken behavior is more prone to lead to the loss of information than that of “spies.” We cannot control behavior, but in reality of life, it is the behavior of people who are NOT spies that is more dangerous than the behavior of those who ARE spies that leads to the loss of information.