Obama Moves To Restore Ties With Russia

Hardly a day goes by without the new administration encountering a problem left over from the Bush era when bluster and threats took the place of intelligent diplomacy. Vice President Joe Biden was in Munich to discuss issues of security and he came out in favor of working in a more cooperative mode with the Russian government over issues such as missile. “It it time to press the restart button and to revisit the many areas where we can and should be working together with Russia.” He emphasized the need for missile defense systems but said there would be an effort to consult with other nations prior to building such installations. Henry Kissinger who was in Moscow called for the United States to abandon the Bush program of building missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic and accept the Russian offer to cooperate with them on this issue.

There is no need for missile bases on the border of Russia. Bush claimed they were necessary to ward off attacks from “rogue nations” like Iran or North Korea. Nonsense, why would either launch a missile attack on the European Union?