Options In Ukraine

Believe it or not there are several alternative approaches to handle the current situation in Ukraine.

1. Accept the reality that most in Crimea –not the 12% Tartars–will vote for annexation.

2. Allow Tartars to be resettled in parts of Ukraine. Russia could assist in paying part of the cost.

3. Hold a UN supervised election in the Ukraine.

4. America should announce a five year plan to replace Russia as the energy supplier to Europe. Fracking developments enable us to make this move.

5. Pay for a UN Police Contingent to work with Ukraine police for the coming two years. in other words, get a UN presence in Ukraine and station it in eastern regions.

6. Announce American willingness to have all missile bases presently in eastern European nations to be withdrawn from their eastern boundaries in exchange for Russian troops withdrawing twenty miles away from the eastern boundaries of Ukraine.

7. Impose economic sanctions upon Russia.

Once the Russian economy begins to be impacted by these events the people currently yelling for war will quiet down.