Putin Allows Youth Thugs To Intimidate Opposition

The Nashi Brigades which were organized by Putin’s political henchmen announced they would be in the streets during Duma elections in December to maintain law and order. A spokesperson said:”In December, volunteers will head out on their own to patrol the streets to help Moscow police to control the situation.” Imagine a group of youthful vigilantes authorized by the government to wander the streets of a large metropolis stopping people and telling them what they can or can not do. Why the city of Moscow which has a police force requires the assistance of young thugs whose only real purpose is intimidating political opponents of Putin is beyond the comprehension of those believing in democracy.

The Nashi Brigades were established after young people in the Ukraine organized a peaceful overthrow of a dictatorship. Putin obviously does not want democracy to challenge his increasingly authoritarian rule so he created these young toughs who are used to push around members of opposition parties.