Who Is In Charge Of Russia?

A recent survey revealed that President Dimitry Medvedev is viewed by inhabitants of Russia as a rather minor figure in the scheme of power in his nation. Only 17% of the people actually believe he has any power while 27% of those surveyed identified Prime Minister Vladmir Putin as the power behind the throne who calls the shots and makes things work in Russia. Medvedev arrived in the presidency with high hopes that he would move the nation in a more positive direction by improving human rights and fostering a more democratic climate. However, only 32% believe there has been any improvement in that aspect of Russian life. A majority expects that Putin will once again run for president which would set up an interesting potential clash between his protege and the master.

Overall, most Russians believe their nation is moving in the right direction in foreign policy while 30% believe the domestic economy is OK. Who knows what will happen if Medvedev decides he does not wish to be a protege but a boss.