Russian Democracy In Action

There is a nation named Russia, and there is a nation named, Putinland. Unfortunately, both nations inhabit the same geographical place on this planet. In Putin land there is absolute freedom of speech, of course this means anyone is free to agree with the Supreme Leader, Vladimir Putin, The State Duma is upset at one of its  members who for some strange idea believes he is living in Russia! The legislature voted to strip opposition member Gennady Gudkov of his  seat in that illustrious body because he had the audacity of making critical remarks about our Great Leader.

United Deputy Andrei Isayev explained the reason for throwing out a voice which is out of tune with the rest of Duma members. “Our votes are saying: will it really be demonstrated that there are some people of one type and some people of another?”He went on to explain “we cannot undermine that hope of the people.”