Russian Democrats Gather For Action

One of the tragedies of modern life has been the regime of Vladmir Putin who throttled efforts to create a democratic Russia based on principles of free elections and the right of dissent against government. The promising developments in the 1990s have vanished under a pseudo democratic government which has elections in which the government always wins. About 250 members of democratic parties in russia recently met to discuss creating a new movement termed, Solidarity which is inspired by such documents as the “300 Steps To Freedom” written by economist Vladmir Milov and “Road-Map: The Solidarity Movement’s Plan of Action.”

Perhaps, one of the real difficulties in Russia today is the growing shift to self censorship on the part of many people who find ways to avoid taking action by not saying things that might get them in trouble with the government. Any new movement will require years of dedicated work toward establishing a true democratic society in Russia.