Russian Dissidents Found Guilty

Those who inhabit the macabre land of Putin frequently wonder if they are trapped in an Alice in Wonderland country in which right means left and guilty means innocent. On May 12, 2012, the day before Vladimir Putin once again became president of Russia an AUTHORIZED rally was held in which people protested his coming to office. The so called Bolotnaya case has concluded and eight men who participated in this Authorized political rally have been found guilty of using non-deadly force against members of the Russian police. In other words, demonstrators were behaving in a manner that posed no threat to police so they are now guilty of the crime of threatening the police with non-deadly force.

Only in Putin Russia can people be convicted of not doing anything on grounds that by not using deadly force against police they threatened the lives of policemen! Vladimir Putin will display his masculine chest and, most probably, challenge the eight to fight him in order to prove that when he uses deadly force it is an example of how not to use deadly force!!