Russian Drones Announce Their Arrival!

During last year’s Russian war with Georgia, its troops would hear the sound of a drone off in the distance and soon as the object appeared over their heads, they would blast it out of the sky. Unfortunately, the drone that was being shot down was a Russian drone. Prime Minister Putin proclaims the arrival of a new Russian military force, but its leaders recently returned from Israel where they negotiated to purchase Israel drones, the same ones that Israel had sold the Georgians. Russian military leaders insist they do not intend to use the Israel drones in combat but seek to study its technology in order to figure out how to develop drones that are shot down by the enemy, not the Russian army.

Perhaps, Israel has discovered a new industry. Encourage two nations to engage in war and then sell them weapons to kill one another. As long as all of the enemy is not killed, there is plenty of business for the Israel government.

  • walter77777

    This little article borders on being anti-semitic. Israel had absolutely nothing to do with the Russians and Georgians fighting each other, and Israel needs to export military hardware to support devel0pment of the hardware which it needs to defend itself.


  • Fred Stopsky

    Huh! I was joking. Where do you get this crazy idea that it is anti-semitic? I gather you believe Israel can send arms anywhere. David Ben Gurion would be turning over in his grave after reading you weird comment.