Russian Expert Warns Of Deliberately Angering USA

Andrei Kortunov, head of the Eurasia Foundation, warned his fellow countrymen about taking too much glee of the current economic misfortunes of the United States. He was particularly upset at the crude comments emanating from the Foreign Ministry which appear to have more in common with children squabbling than with those responsible for the conduct of foreign relations. At a recent news briefing, a senior Foreign Ministry official told reporters, “In the long run, we can afford not having any relations with some of our partners.” And to show displeasure at some recent Bush remarks concerning Russian support of President Mugabe of
Zimbabwe, he added, “”Don’t try to tell us whom we can sleep with.” Prime Minister Putin has never hidden his glee at falling stock market prices in America or problems in Afghanistan.

Kortunov makes clear his condemnation of the inept Bush policies and admits the American president has made foolish efforts such as the anti-missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic, which have antagonized Russia, but he argues separating personal peeves from the conduct of foreign policy. Kortunov makes clear the economic health of America impacts all nations of the world including Russia.

The Russian analyst points out a new American president will be assuming office in January and it is necessary to focus on that event and work with the new leader of the United States. It is time for Russia to cease playing childhood games and focus on important issues facing this planet.