Russian Government Pleads For Law!

The Russian government of Prime Minister Putin is upset. Russia refused to back use of military action against the Gaddafi regime and now is concerned that international law was not followed in the dictator’s death. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov emphasized the Geneva Convention did not allow those captured to be killed and “in any case a prisoner of war should not be killed.” For some strange reason this concern about prisoners apparently does not pertain to prisoners in jails run by Gaddafi. I assume the Russian perspective is Gaddafi has every right to kill whom he pleases, but under no condition is anyone allowed to kill the dictator.

The Putin government apparently is not interested in law within Russia since dozens of human rights activists have been murdered. If hypocrisy was a virtue, Vladmir Putin would be a saint in heaven!

Oh, a nutty Russian politician, Kirson Ilyuonzhirov visited Gaddafi and played chess with him. He says Gaddafi did not fear death because “he believes in reincarnation.”

Latest reports is that Gaddafi will return as a rabbi living in Jerusalem.