Russian Human Activist Murdered While Waiting Trial

Technically speaking Russia is classified as a democratic nation in that there are elections, there are newspapers and books published that contain information that is critical of the government and hovering above everything is the beloved Prime Minister Putin and his old KGB crew. Sergei Magnitsky charged important officials in the Interior Ministry of embezzling millions of dollars which is a guarantee to have some crime charged to your account, While awaiting a tax “crime” trial, Magnitsky came down with a serious illness, was denied treatment and finally died before his trial could commence. Valery BVorshchyov charges “Magnitsky died of systematic torture and not of negligence.” Of course, such charges might result in Valery being charged with some crime in order to get him inside a prison.

The tragedy of Russia is after so many years of dictatorship its wonderful people still lack the basic rights of democracy. Who knows, perhaps one day, Medvedev will emerge from Putin’s shadow and assert himself as a leader of a democratic nation.