Russian Human Rights Activist In Jail With Kids!

The democratic government which currently is in charge of Russia has an interesting approach to dealing with those who make noise about corruption, just send them to the nearest police station and make certain they bring along their young children so they will learn at an early age what awaits those who do not believe the Prime Minister Putin is always right. This is termed early childhood education in human rights. Alla Chemyshyova is an environmental activist who keeps tabs on new construction which endanger the natural environment. Along with other activists they complained about a new highway linking Moscow to St. Petersburg because it would damage the ancient Khimki forest. She was arrested a few days ago and forced to take her daughters, aged 3 and 6 along with her to the police station. Her supporters claim there is now an organized government campaign to silence them.

However, the police chief argues “it’s not an arrest, it’s just her delivery to the police station for clarification.” There are reports of journalists who write about the highway being brutally assaulted, but no arrests or have any people involved in these attacks been asked to visit the police station. Then again, perhaps the police were attempting to educate the young girls how the police are helpers. They help the wealthy become wealthier.