Russian Journalist A Criminal—He Insulted Putin

President Putin is continually insisting his nation is democratic, it has elections, the press is free to make any positive remark about the president they so desire, and everyone knows the only mistake is making a mistake about what one is allowed to say about the beloved leader of the nation. Igor Averkiyev, was called to the office of the prosecutor to answer questions about an article entitled: “Putin is Our Good Hitler.” The prosecutor had no problem with the “Putin,” but the “Hitler” word got to him. He was particularly upset at the comment that “like Hitler, Putin is our savior of the Fatherland, the guardian of greatnss, stability and order” who also “safeguards the country from enemies, both foreign and domestic.” Averkiyev blasted Putin for manipulating elections and tryng to pose as the all wise leader of the nation.

Perhaps, the prosecutor can explain why Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, was denied a visa to enter Russia where he was going to discuss current human rights issues in Russia. This is the first time since the end of the Soviet Union that a Human Rights representative has been denied entry. Denying people the right to speak about human rights seems like Hitler stuff to me. I guess that cancels any plans I have to visit Russia.