Russian KGB Alive And Well

Mikhail Khodorkovsky was once the wealthiest man in Russia until he got the weird idea of supporting politicians who worked to further the cause of democracy in his homeland. Then President Vladmir Putin, former KGB agent, was furious and had the businessman arrested on false charges, placed on trial in a Kangeroo court and sentenced to jail. Cyril Tuschi decided to make a film about the imprisonment of Khodorkovsky and the Russian government attempt to stifle freedom of speech. He was working on the final edit of the documentary in Berlin in order to film it at the Berlin Film Festival when someone broke into his apartment and stole the film. Tuschi has encountered hostility and violence when in Russia while making the film including being assaulted by members of the KGB. Ironically, two weeks ago while in Bali working on film editing someone broke into his room and took his computer hard drive.

Several Russians who spoke with Tuschi while he made the film report being threatened with violence or jail for daring to speak the truth. German born Tuschi has worked on the film for several years and had condensed interviews with hundreds of people into an 11 minute film. Russia has never enjoyed a long term period in which democracy was the normal mode of life. Ah, for the moment when the KGB is finally dissolved!