Russian Leader Wants To Meet Obama

There are indications President Dmitry Medvedev is looking forward to the presidency of Barack Obama in order to end the current stalemate between his nation and the United States. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said: “President Medvedev and Barack Obama agreed to work on the basis of pragmatism and old a top-level meeting soon after Obama’s inauguration.” The Foreign Minister said his nation is prepared to work in a collaborative manner with the new American president. Russia “will also be ready to consider any issues and strive for looking for mutually acceptable solutions.”

George Bush never met a solution he could not turn into a problem. There was no reason fro the United States and Russia to engage in conflicts over the past few years. Bush decided to antagonize the Russian government by pushing for missile bases on its border and to urge Georgia to engage in military action that was bound to elicit a Russian reaction.