Russian Leaders Strike Out On Strikes

Prime Minister Vladmir Putin simply does not get the message being given by over a 100,000 people in Moscow who want him to take a hike and find a nice athletic club where he can spend days practicing the martial arts instead of the  martial arts of politics. Dozens of dissidents have been sent to jail for expressing their opinions–in public. Vladmir does not care if they are expressed in the privacy of your apartment. Sergei Udaltsov has now been imprisoned 14 times this year for openly saying he is angry at the lack of democracy in his nation.

Just as he completed a month long prison sentence, Sergei found himself sentenced to ten more days by 26 year old Judge Olga Borovkova. She has been sending dozens of people who protest off to prisons. I assume she recently got out of law school and now the young lady is a judge. In Putin Russia, just kiss ass and who knows which job opens for one who is loyal to the Supreme Leader of Russia? I guess it leaves one wondering what are the special talents of Olga that enables a recent law school graduate to become a judge? I am just asking.