Russian Leaders Welcome Signs of New US Policies

Among the legacies of George Bush is creating problems with Russia that had no basis in reality and arose due to a Republican paranoia which played out in seeking to surround Russia with missile bases in complete disregard to the feelings and security of the Russian people. Three former American foreign policy leaders, Henry Kissinger, George Schultz and former Senator Sam Nunn, visited Moscow in order to emphasize their nation’s desire for positive, cooperative relations with Russia. President Medvedev expressed his government’s desire to accept a new American foreign policy approach as reflecting “the goal to significantly improve ties.” The Russian leader indicated his nation would welcome a change in the anti-Russian policies of George Bush.

Senator Nunn put it aptly when he said it is important for the United States and Russia to cooperate in order to avoid catastrophe in the world. Russia can play a key role in dealing with Iran and assisting in bringing about peace in Afghanistan. Russia has millions of Muslims living on the border of Afghanistan and it is not in their national interests to have the Taliban gain control of the government. Bush never grasped that Russia does not wish aggressive Muslim groups on its border.