Russian Media War Ignores Reality

The Russian media is playing a nationalistic role in describing the horror inflicted by Georgia on the people of South Ossetia, but ignores reporting Russian bombing of Georgian cities and civilians. William Dunbar, a correspondent in Georgia, says he has not been allowed on air to present the footage he has shot. “The real news, the real facts of this matter, didn’t conform to what they were trying to report and therefore, they wouldn’t let me report it.” Given the circumstances of censorship, Mr. Dunbar resigned. The TV channel, Russia Today, mentions Georgian media reports about Russian bombings, but adds it “could not substantiate the reports.”

Georgian President MIkheil Saakashvili claims hackers had crashed many Georgian government sites. On the other hand, Russian media and the Russian government insist the West has taken the side of Georgia in the conflict. Russia’s news program “Vesti” also complained about Western media coverage which they insist is biased in favor of Georgia.

There is little question Georgia initiated the current conflict by invading South Ossetia, but Russia had other options other than a military invasion. The road of peace may not come across as “macho” but it does save lives.

  • Andrew

    Fred Stopsky, it’s bullshit about cease-fire. They continue to shelling South Ossetia. And georgian agressor-Saakashvilli will not stop it until he will get support from United States. It’s true, Russian media channels doesn’t show the pics from gori, BUT WHAT YOU WANT ??? It’s a military answer for this genoside. Should we say about destraction of counter-party ? I’m very sad about georgian civilians. Georgians exually is a pretty nation. But they had absolutly maded president. He speak englsih, looking nicely on air. But he is crazy about russian invasion or somethinglike this. A genoside of Soutch Ossetian and Abkhazian peoples has a long history, ant you see another level of this disaster. It’s a independent nations, independent territories. Move to South Ossetia. Stop MAKING YOUR REPORTS FROM Tbilisi ( Georgia ) ONLY ! Go to South Ossertia ( or you scares ??? ) , ask peoples what this gangster made. Why all you, all western journalists in Georgia ??? Why you CNN says about georgian victims, no one picture about 2 killed South Ossetian victims ? Now black is the white, and white is a black. Only becuase US support this made Saakashvilli.

    Sorry for some misstakes in my language,i can’t see how the Europe and USA destroying any moral norms in this world.

  • Andrew

    by the way,
    Georgia,SAAHASHVILLI started this war. In Aug,8. At the Night. Shelling Of South Ossetia. When all Tskhinvalli’ peoples sleeped.
    All nations, you should know that .

  • Jim

    I’m glad I’m not the only one – who is jumping on the bandwagon in condeming Putin?

    It is nearly time to stop \Vlad.!

    Negotoniation for hostages…begin next.

    DC is the worst Vice-Presdent Ever!

    George watch us reap what we have sown.

    Go back to sleep.

    Final – /Vlad = no mass graves

  • John

    I completely agree with the previous speaker. Destroying the regional capital is not a way to take care of separatists. Imagine that there are separatists in Texas and the president tries to fix it by attacking and destroying Austin. It would be hard to believe, right? What Georgian President did is a nonsense, and a political crime. Georgian president has to accept his fault and resign asap to cease what he started and save lives.
    Also, I think, that every reasonably thinking person should understand from facts who started it. I am quite disappointed to see that some US news services are biased
    against Russia including this article. Stop blaming Russian media. It is pretty clear from FACTS that Russia is NOT the agressor. I am concerned where media is going in US, where is the objectivity?

  • Fred Stopsky

    I am not charging Russia with instigating the problem. However, bombing civilians in Georgia does not assist in resolving the conflict. First step, is a cease fire.

  • Paul

    I’m agree with John! Who is responsbile for genocide in South Ossetia?

  • Vladimir

    Fred, can t you answer why CNN reporters is working in Georgia and announced about conflict after about 6 hours it had started (after more then 1000 people was killed). They talked about Russian manner but don t mention about Osetians. I guess peoples lives is not interesting for them. Georgia (if you can imagine) make ugly and inhumanity operations. My grandmom remember The second World War and fascism compering Georgia methods.

    We talk about cilivians from Osetia but nobody in the world can t or don t want help them… Russia defense and we remember it when your nation will have some problem…

  • Fred Stopsky

    I do not defend Georgia’s actions, the attack on South Ossetia was wrong and can not be supported by any objective standard. My piece dealt with reports in the Moscow Times concerning censorship of reports concerning fighting. I have previously pointed out American mistakes in building missile bases on the border of Russia which is a deliberate attempt to provoke Russia. I do believe the Russian counter-attack has now reached an unacceptable level of response.

  • Russia

    00:06 Georgia began intensive shelling of Tskhinvali
    Shortly before midnight Moscow time from the Georgian villages of Nikozi Ergneti and began firing heavy guns from the South Ossetian capital Tskhinvali, South Ossetia and villages. Representatives of the unrecognized republic said that Georgian troops actually started the war and the storming of Tskhinvali.
    02:08 Georgia announced the beginning of the war with South Ossetia
    Georgia notified peacekeepers deployed in the conflict zone, the beginning of the war in South Ossetia.
    10:09 UNSC refused to condemn Georgia
    At 15:06 Tskhinvali moving column of Russian tanks

    within 15 hours georgia 2000 killing civilians after which Russia has imposed additional troops to help the Russian peacekeepers are killed by shot in Tskhinvali

  • Russia

    Georgia shelled Tskhinvali from the installation GRAD, a missile complex, contains 40 missiles with a range 5000 meters, the zone is fired after the defeat of a soccer field area, and such weapons georgia bombarded the city suspend the peace, not just the city ruins were left alone conducted 15 hours of bombardment is not yet come Russian troops, georgia destroyed 10 villages and completely destroyed the town of Tskhinvali, the first day of the shooting deaths of approximately 2000 civilians, Russian military evacuated under fire survivors. Incidentally must not forget recent years, America supplied weapons to Georgia and trained Georgian military, the American taxpayers’ money 08.08.2008 killed 2000 people and how many of them killed in the recent past. Americans must wonder what their state spends their money.

  • ND


    Let me ask you… what is the difference between US supplying Georgia with arms and RUSSIA supplying Separatists with arms? answer that questions for me. Why are you ONLY complaining about Americans tax money going to Georgia when you are not complaining about Russian tax money going into separatists?

    Don’t give me the BS that US is wrong for arming Georgia when Russia is doing the same thing. Get your facts straight.

    Also, I want to point out that Georgia (little tiny country) was stupid to launch an attack on South Ossetia, which Russia has been manipulating its people for all these years. The one thing that Georgia did wrong was paved the way for mother Russia to attack with an excuse to strengthen its influence in the region. Lets not forget that Russia was supposed to be the peacekeeper?? but noticed that the Russians have been giving Russian citizenship to people in South Ossetia? And you call that peacekeeping? YOU GOTTA BE JOKING RIGHT?

    Another thing I want to point out is the fact that Putin (the prime minister, whose supposed to deal with domestic issues and not International issues) is leading the whole conflict. I guess Mr. Medvedev is sleeping in his bunkers.

    Anyway, I am not born in Russia or Georgia, therefore, I am not leaning towards anyone. However, from the current situation, I have to say, I am leaning towards Georgia for the fact that Russia has been playing a lot of politics lately. Dominating the Energy resources anyone?

  • Fred Stopsky

    There is no question Georgia initiated the fighting regardless of whether they believed war was justified or not. There is also no question Russia was manipulating the situation for its own ends. As always,, war is a terrible solution to problems. It’s time to move away from the blame game and focus on ending the fighting so no more people are killed.

  • Tony
  • Fred Stopsky

    I just said BOTH sides were to blame. How can that be interpreted as only presentng one side of the conflict?