Russian Obama Elected

His skin is black colored, he lives in Russia, and still he was elected to a position in the city government. Jean Gregoire Sagbo became the first man with a black skin to be elected to a government office in the entire nation of Russia. For many years, even under communism, black students who came seeking education, were assaulted, insulted and treated as a lower form of life. Racist attacks on Russians who come from Asian areas of the country are common so it was shocking to political analysts when a man from Africa won a seat as a municipal councillor in the city of Novozavidovo. Sagbo was hailed as among the first successful politicians in town who won an election without paying bribes or acting in a criminal manner. Mayor Arakielo says, “his skin is black, but he’s Russian inside.” I assume that means only white skinned people can be Russian.

An interesting story, but one that will not have import until the people of Russia recognize those from Asian areas of their nation might have a brownish hue to their bearing, but they are Russian both inside and outside. We hope Mr. Sagbo is not afraid to stand up for black skinned people, unlike the current black skinned leader of America.