Russian Political Opposition Cries-Rigged Election!

Leaders of opposition parties to President Putin’s United Russia party insist election results do not reflect the actual manner in which the Russian people voted. Gennady Zyuganov, head of the Communist Party, claimed his own examination of local polling stations indicated his party should have obtained at least 15% of the vote instead of the reported 11.1%. Given Putin’s complete domination of the media, it was remarkable that his party even secured that many votes. A similar feeling was expressed by Vladmir Zhrinovsky, head of the Liberal Democrats whose party obtained 8.8% although his reports indicated they should have gotten at least 12% of the vote. In one of the most ironic statements to emanate from modern Russia, Zyugaov, whose party still adheres to communist ideas, stated: “We are the last remaining guarantee of the freedom os pseech, democracy and human rights n our country.” We have come a long way from the totalitarian regime of the Soviet Union to present day Putin Russia when communists are upholding principles of democracy!