Russian President Blasts Potential Republican President

Mitt Romneu finally took a stand on something. He told the world that America’s main enemy in the world is: China,North Korea, India, Iran, Venezuela? NO, you idiot, it is RUSSIA! The Russian economy poses absolutely no threat to the USA, its army is second rate and the only threat it  poses is supplying arms to terrorist nations like Syria. But, to Mitt, it is our major political economic  enemy!

President Dimitry Medvedev of Russia considered the remark to be silly. He offered some advice to Republican candidates for president. “I recommend that all US presidential candidates, including the candidate you mention(Romney) do at least two things. That they use their head and consult their reason when they formulate their positions and that they check the time–it is now 2012, not the 1970s.”

I suspect asking Republicans to use reason may be an unfair suggestion. Dimitry, these  are  people who believe you create jobs by firing people.