Russian Racists Murder Another Judge

Prime Minister Vlaldmir Putin is continually warning Russians about dangers from Chechen terrorists, but rarely explores dangers posed to Russian democracy by Russian nationalists who harken back to days when the Tsar’s word was supreme and no one bothered about any such thing as human rights. Yesterday, Federal Judge Eduard Chuvashov was leaving his apartment when a young man confronted him in the hallway and fired a few bullets into the body of the judge. The assailant than fled. Chuvashov has been responsible for several high profile cases in which racists were found guilty and sentenced to jail. There is scant doubt his killing is payback time for a man who refused to remain silent in the face of real terrorism. In fact, last week he found guilty two racists and sentenced them to jail.

Russia is ostensibly a democracy but the law of guns has more prominence than the rule of law. The Russian people need a government committed to democracy and ready to use all its resources in tracking down murderers. The time is now.