Russian Racists On Murder Rampage!

A gang of nine young people ranging in age from 17 to 22 engaged in a gruesome campaign of murder over the past eight months during which time they committed 20 murders and 12 attempted murders of individuals who did not “look Russian” in appearance. Charges have been brought against the group including a 22 year-old woman who videotaped the initial attack which ended in hurting, but not killing, the victim. Vladmir Markin, head of the Investigative Committee, said the gang sought out “lone citizens of non-Slavic appearance (who) were chosen as victims. the assailants attempted to cause grave bodily harm n the shortest possible period of time.”

Despite efforts of the Soviet Union to portray their nation as being unlike capitalist nations where racism was rampant, the reality is Russia suffers from widespread racism and apparently the government has not done much to address this issue. Dark skinned people are subject to both verbal and physical abuse at the hands of young Russians. Isn’t it time Russian schools addressed the issue of multiculturalism in their classes?