Russian Roulette

It was just twenty years ago that the world trembled when the Soviet Union uttered threats or warnings. Alas, the Soviet Union disappeared and was replaced by a nation that is named, Russia. Alas, even further, this nice nation of nice people is led by the world’s number one liar and bully, one, Vladimir Putin. At a recent meeting between Russian diplomats and representatives of the Syrian opposition they were informed that Russia is dedicated to the concept of human rights and therefore could not abandon the number two supporter of human rights, one Bashar al-Assad. Russia is led by Vladimir Putin who throws into jail anyone daring to oppose his authoritarian rule. Hold a peaceful demonstration and you will soon be on trial for supporting violence.

Putin-he IS Russia- is playing a power game in which the former KGB man manipulates and twists and sabotages any effort for peace. It is simply a power game in which Vladimir wants the world to listen to what he says  because his rule is slowly destroying the Russian nation. Check life expectancy under his regime, it goes down, not up.

Putin has emerged as a key power man in the world. He trains a Syrian army and supplies it with the latest weapons. Therfe is a civil war in Syria, but there is also an undeclared war between Putin and the West. He does not give a damn about Syria, the name of the game is -power.