Russian Schmucks Can’t Shut Up!

I assume that if one inhabits a land which is governed by a boastful petty little tyrant it is only natural for those who care about their jobs to adhere to the Putin philosophy that he alone knows the truth and the world is jealous of his handsome bare chested body. Irina Rodina, a member of a group called the United Russia Party, attempted to curry favor with the man of action who has just spent over 50 billion dollars to stage an Olympics which already has become an economic farce. People check into hotels in which one can not use the toilet and yellow water pours on one’s body while attempting a shower. Anyway, Irina decided to show the world that lackeys of Putin really do not display much creativity in seeking to insult anyone. She posted on twitter a picture of President Obama eating a banana.

Let me explain her “humor.” She seeks to get across an idea that has been circulated in America for years that states Barack Obama was born in Africa and that Africans are uncivilized people. Got the joke? Wow, I wonder what the next joke is about?