Russian Skinheads Finally Jailed

During the existence of the Soviet Union, thousands of black skinned students were brought to Russia in an attempt to prove communism did not harbor hatred toward those with black skin as was the case in America. Unfortunately, those students encountered hate from ordinary Russians who simply did not treat those with dark skins as equal to them. The hate of Russians toward darker skinned immigrants has been highlighted by the trial of a gang of skinhead teenagers who killed 20 migrant workers and attempted to kill twelve others. The police did not catch up to the gang until they captured two who boasted of their killing spree toward Tajik workers and Chinese migrants and others who only crime was having a dark skin.

There is no doubt racist violence is on the rise in Russia and it is hardly one of the more important concerns of Vladmir Putin. Human right groups believe the police are not that interested in crimes against poor migrants. The skinheads adhere to Nazi ideas even though Nazism was responsible for the deaths of over 30 million Russians. One can only wonder if
Russian schools teach about the past and about the need to respect those who might differ in skin color or views.