Russian Spy Plot Thickens

Every so often reality makes a film come across as simply a worse plot. Here is the situation. Employee of the American Embassy in Moscow. Dark night. Man wearing a blond wig, carrying a bag of money. He approaches another man who supposedly has documents to trade for the money. Suddenly, from the bushess emerge members of the Russian Federal Security Service(FSB) who grab the man. A wig floats to the ground and the Americanis placed under arrest. Michael Fogle is now being held by burly Russians, much to the glee of the Russian government.

Assume for a moment that Fogle was able to bribe a Russian FSB agent. Exactly which great secrets would  now be in possession of the American government? Ah,a secret speech by the Great Leader-Vladimir Putin– in which he demonstrates his prowess in wrestling? His plans to shake up the Russian economy? Putin shooting a wolf??

Stay tuned for the next chapter of this  fascinating spy story.