Russian The eXile May Be Exiled!

Democracy in Putin Russia allows freedom of speech. A newspaper can print any article which praises Putin and his associates. Russian authorities have warned the impudent English language tabloid, The eXile, they are in hot water and may face penalties. Editor Mark Ames believes “it could be one of the many people we’ve pissed off over the last months or years.” Fedeeral authorities indicated there would be an “unscheduled inspection” during which times the editor will have to discuss certain articles he published. Initially, authorities wanted Ames to produce Russian translations of thousands of article but he said that was impossible. His newspaper covers a variety of topics such as drugs, protitution, politics and entertainment. According to Russian law, a newspaper which claims it is in the business of reporting “entertainment” is not allowed to comment on politics.

Of course, political life in Putin Russia might be more into entertainment than reality. Ames noted with a touch of resentment, “I get the general sense they have decided it is time to shut us down, that they’re not going to tolerate us anymore.” Of course, neither do they tolerate any opposition.