Russian -US Relations At Low Level

Gordon Hahn, writing in the Moscow Times blasted the United States for its ill-conceived policies of insulting and demeaning Russia. He argues since the end of the Cold War, American political leaders have treated Russia as a second class power and now are reaping the results of such an attitude. Hahn notes there was no reason to expand NATO into Poland except for frighten Russia. Bush’s recent decision to place missiles in the Czech Republic and Poland has only served to anger the Russian government and people.

Recent surveys indicate a majority of Russians now regard the US as a major threat to world peace. Putin has responded to American military moves in east Europe with revamping the Russian airforce, making claims to Arctic regions, and playing a forceful role in Middle Eastern affairs. American hostility has been met with Russian anger.

Bush never had a firm grasp of the intricacies of Russian attitudes and feelings. He has plunged ahead with ill conceived ideas to establish missile bases close to the Russian border without ever contemplating how Russians might react. As usual, Bush does not understand effective diplomacy looks through oth