Russian Vigilantes In Action

The essence of a totalitarian society is the desire of its leaders to end the rule of law and order which respects the dignity of the individual. Instead, mobs or young men are let loose to destory any semblance of respect for individual rights. Our Beloved Leader, Vladimir Putin, well understands that if youth vigilantes can beat up or murder “bad people” then it stands to reason these groups can decide who is “bad” and who is “good.” At this point, the issue is allowing thugs to make decisions as to what is or is not a crime. It is not surprising that vigilante groups in Russia are roaming the streets attacking people who they identify as “criminals.”

A pro Putin group of young thugs are wandering the streets of Moscow, seizing    alleged drug dealers, dousing their bodies with red paint and wrecking their cars– in the name of public order and safety. They are particularly angry at evidence of a new drug known as “spice” which is the latest scourge of the city. I have no knowledge about this drug. If it is harmful, then police should be responsible for ridding it from the streets. Of course, if there is common sense, then drugs should be regulated by the government to ensure public safety.