Russian War Of Words With NATO

The ongoing issue of allowing Georgia to enter NATO continues plaguing relations between Russia and the West. Dimity Rogozin, Russia’s Ambassador to NATO, expressed his nation’s agreement with the NATO decision to hold off on allowing Georgia to enter at this time. “There is an open split within NATO,” said the Russian, “and it will widen if NATO tries to expand further. The schemes of those who adopted a frozen approach to Russia have been destroyed.” He undoubtedly was referring to French President Sarkozy who opposes Georgia’s entry as well seeks to delay the American plan to construct military bases in Poland.

The solution to the current NATO impasse with Russia is simple. Ask Russia to become a member of NATO and, if missile bases really are needed, take up the Russian offer to have them built in Russia. It is time to end Cold War thinking that Russia is preparing to invade Western Europe. That, is a pipe dream.