Russian Youth Group Urges End To Immigration

Nations which encounter severe economic problems, invariably witness the emergence of groups within society who seek to blame newcomers as the source of their concern and cries of protect jobs for those born in our society against strangers. United Russia’s Young Guard has come out openly for strong measures to limit the immigration of foreign labor in order to ensure native born Russians get first call on available work. Andrei Tatarinov, of the group’s central office, complained, “we are feeding foreign workers..(and) “these positions and this money have to be given to Russian workers.” Russia’s Federal Migration Service rejected these demands on grounds Russia has agreements with other nations for free travel.

Russia simply can not ban foreign workers because it is a society with a declining population. Russia has among the lowest birth rates in Europe and is in desperate need of workers from other nations to keep its economy functioning. Each day, across Russia, thousands of foreign workers do the jobs native born Russians do not wish to do. This is the modern world.

  • jglammi

    Is it that Russians refuse to do certain jobs, or is it that employers pay as little as possible and find immigrants who will accept that pay out of desperation thus destroying the power of the working class.?That’ s how it works in the US

  • Fred Stopsky

    No, that is not how it works in America. Throughout American history, immigrants have been a force that stimulates the economy and helps create new industries. Immigrants helped to create the movie industry.

  • Sebastian

    >Russia simply can not ban foreign workers because it is a society with a declining population.

    If the Russian people doesn’t want immigrants, then they shouldn’t get them, it is supposedly a democracy.

    But then again, immigrants wouldn’t come to Russia, there are countries with welfare systems.