Russophobia–The New Communist Scare Tactic?

The downfall of the Soviet Union ushered in a period in which Russia was regarded as a nation in need of America’s help in order to enter the world of democracy. America’s leaders ignored the era of kleptomania in which wealthy men stole Russia’s natural resources and the lives of ordinary people suffered under inflation and limited work. Most of the current political campaign has revolved around Iraq, Afghanistan and terrorism, but recently Senator John McCain and Senator Hillary Clinton have introduced a new Russia scare as supposedly an important foreign policy issue. McCain has made insulting remarks about President Putin of Russia and Clinton has chimed in with her own negative comments about the Russian leader. McCain supports the Bush ploy to establish missle bases in Poland and the Czech Republic as supposedly weapons in the fight against Iran.

President Bush has taken an aggressive stand against Russia by supporting the NATO applications of the Ukraine and Georgia as well as fighting to create missile bases in nations adjoining the border of Russia. One can only wonder if a nation established missile bases in Mexico on the ground they were there to protect America against Venezuelan missiles how Bush would react. Without a doubt, not very favorably.

There is no indication the American public has bought into these attempts to divert attention from Iraq, Afghanistan, the recession and the real war against militant groups.