Rwanda Forgets Its Past!

If there is a country in this world which should be leading the fight to end support for murderers who prey on innocent people, then it must be Rwanda. During the 1990s, Hutu murderers and thugs killed over 500,000 Tutsi people in their nation during a murderous rampage that lasted months. So, what does the Tutsi government of Rwanda do in 2012– it aids murderers who prey on the innocent! UN reports reveal evidence of Rwanda support for thugs in the Congo who rape, torture and murder.

The US State Department issued a statement  of concern. “The United States is deeply concerned about the evidence that Rwanda is implicated in the provision of support to Congolese rebels, including M23.”  M23 is simply a group of rapists and murderers. How can the Rwanda government explain helping the slaughter of innocent people, given its own history as the victim?