Rwanda, Have You Forgotten??

Among the tragedies of life is an ongoing saga in which a particular group is singled out for hatred, thousands are killed and one day the group that was subject of hate and horror winds up killing and murdering the innocent.  Rwanda experienced a genocide when Hutu gangs went on a rampage and killed over 700,000,000 Tutsi people. It was hatred gone wild. Today, those who were the object of this slaughter are supporting the murder of thousands of innocent people in the  Congo and are now surprised the world finds their behavior to be monstrous.

A new United Nations report claims the Rwanda government is supporting armed rebels in Congo  who have murdered thousands and raped hundreds of thousands of women. The M23 rebels employ child soldiers and encourage children to participate in the murder of their own relatives. Rwanda President Paul Kagame denied these accusations  by so-called UN “experts.” His buddies inUganda who also aid rebels termed the UN statement as “hogwash.”

Sorry Paul, but the evidence is overwhelming that millions have been killed in the Congo and ultold thousands of women been raped. This is what happened in Rwanda during the 1990s. Just another example of how no one learns from the past.