Rwanda Rambles Into Congo

The so-called nation of Congo is a virtual mess without any form of logical government, any armed force that could protect individuals, let alone the nation. Unfortunately, the Congo has incredible natural resources and riches which are desired by their neighbors. Rwanda in the 1990s witnessed horrible massacre of its Tuti population by the Hutus and one would conclude, that based on that experience this nation would oppose oppressing other people. Alas, that is not the case. Rwandais supporting rebel groups in the Congo who murder, rape and pillage without any thought of humans.

M23 rebels have forced thousands of refugees to flee their camps which offer some security and are now fleeing for their lives. The city of Goma is rapidly becoming a ghost town. As a column of 1,500 M23 rebels marched through the city about 1,500 UN troops watched and refused to act.

M23 which was formed by Congolese soldiers who were upset at not getting paid on time now marches through their land raping, recruiting children to fight and no group challenges their procession of death and destruction.