Rwanda Supports Death In Congo

A decade ago, the Tutsi people of Rwanda were attacked by Hutus and subjected to the horror of a genocide in which over 800,000 were killed. Today, according to a UN report, the government of Rwanda is providing military support to Tutsi rebels fighting in the Congo who have helped to kill over 5,000,000 and drive millions of others into exile. The report also cites evidence the government of the Congo is also helping to fuel conflict. As the UN investigating committee notes, “this is the most concrete evidence so far of direct government involvement in militias. For years, Rwanda and Congo have been dancing around the international community, saying prove it. This proves it.”

Among the horrible events discussed in the report is efforts by the government of Rwanda to recruit soldiers, including children and supply military equipment for a war that is genocidal in operation. How can people who endured a genocide just fifteen years ago, support genocide!! On the flip side, it appears the Congo government is supporting the Hutus who kill people in Congo. Who are these leaders?

  • journeyer58

    I ask the question in much the same way, How can a people who experienced genocide on an international scale-namely the Jews of Europe-
    now do the very same thing to another nation, namely the Palestinians?
    It is human nature to return evil for evil, revenge for action, retribution for wrongs done to one, whether a person or a nation or a people.
    This argument can always be expanded to any person or group that has experienced evil at its worst and it is no excuse in this day and age to continue the kind of evil that is happening.
    I quote the New Testament, which although suspicious in its nature has many good and thoughtful sayings, Yeshua is speaking in Matthew’s account, “You have heard it said, “Love your neighbour and hate your enemy. But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”
    One thing that goes against the grain of every human being is to do good to those who have hurt us, M.K. Ghandi, spoke of this many times, his was a way of non-violence and not allowing hatred to enter into our hearts. We all must follow these examples now, for the time is coming and now is happening that, we are being abused on every side and the only way to counter human nature is to turn to our higher natures and the teachings of prophets, not profits, which deceive and distort the truth.
    Our world is crumbling because of the hatred of this group for that, we all must chose the peaceful path, that which causes mankind to look and see the goodness of G-d, in those who choose this way of life.
    We can no longer afford the way of war, violence, retribution, revenge, hatred and strife. Otherwise we as a species will be lost and will last no longer than the next atomic and hydrogen bomb war.

  • Fred Stopsky

    I disagree with many actions of the Israel government and support the return of the West Bank to Palestinians, but, there is NO COMPARISON between Rwanda actions in the Congo and Israel toward Palestinians.