Rye Grass Better Than Wheat

There is an old Syrian proverb, “the ziwan(rye grass) of your country is better than the wheat of the stranger” which reflects attitudes of Syrians toward the idea of foreign intervention. The history of Syria witnessed French occupation that resulted in dividing the country into a Lebanon and a reduced size Syria. Basher al-Assad continues to unleash his dogs of war upon innocent civilians, but the population simply does not wish any outside aid from Europe or Turkey due to historic oppression by those areas of the world. Over 1,400 people have been murdered in the country by their own troops, and thousands have fled to Turkey, but the vast majority accepts the brutality of Assad on grounds turning to outside sources would be a worse fate.

There is a sense of fatalism among people in Syria, a sense the trouble I know is better than the trouble I might know. Ironically, Americans who believe this is an incorrect view of life, live in a country known as the United States of America which just witnessed giving power to Republicans whose ideas will increase unemployment and increase deficits. Americans apparently are also fatalistic, they prefer the idiots of Republican control to those who solve problems. After all, the national debt increased under Republican rule from $5 Trillion to $11 Trillion so why not give them one more shot at increasing the debt?