Sad Day For Nut Cases

The people of the state of Minnesota can not be held responsible for what some of its inhabitants do or believe. For some strange reason people in one congressional district continue voting into office the most ignorant person on this planet. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is very upset today because the government shutdown is over. According to Michele, “to me it’s a very sad day because his(Obama) agenda is going to go forward and he gets an immediate victory lap.” Yes, Michele, he gets a “victory” because you are still loose to destroy the Republican party.

For months I have been attempting to get through to God, but she has been on the line explaining to God how to rule the universe. She wants God Almighty to quit pampering poor folk and just let them die and get to Heaven that much sooner. Frankly, it is difficult saying anything about this woman that has not already been said. She has done more for the Obama agenda than any other Democrat. Just keep her in office to help save America from Republicans.