Sad News From Israel

As a young Jewish man in New York City there was a surge of joy at news that an independent Israel nation had been created. For the first time in nearly 2,000 years Jews could have a homeland. It was also exciting to  witness a Socialist government in power which could reach out to Arabs and prove to the world that people of differing religions could live in peace. That was then, today is now. The dream of cooperation,  respect for all humans has died in Israel, leaving one to wonder if it ever had a chance to succeed.

A new poll reveals that a majority of Israelis believes their country practices “apartheid” agaisnt Palestinians. A third believe Palestinians should be denied the right to vote and 47% believe Arabs living in the state of Israel should be stripped of their citizenship and forced to go live under the Palestinian Authority. In a spirit of Judiasm, 59% would like to see Jews given preference for public sector jobs while half would like to see  Jews treated better than  Arabs.

A shocking figure is that 40% of respondents would prefer separate housing and classrooms for Jews and Arabs. Of course, in pre WWII Poland, Jewish college students sat in separate sections of classrooms. My mother on her first day in class in Poland was told to sit in the back and she never came  back to school.

When asked, SEVENTY PERCENT said if Israel takes over the Palestinian state, Palestinians should  be denied the vote. The poll reveals a sick Israel society   which contains creatures claiming to be Jews who have no conception as to the meaning of being a JEW!