Sad News From Rome

The decision of Pope Benedict XVI to resign from his role as leader or world Catholics has a sad and bothersome aspect since it reveals that just about any leader in modern times can lose control over an organization. The Italian newspaper, La Rebublica, published a story that Pope Benedict was overwhelmed when he received a 300 page report on December 12, 2012 which depicted a church that had gone wrong. The study he read described corruption, sexual misconduct, stealing and just about every violation of the Ten Commandments. “It was on that day with those papers on his desk that Benedict XVI took the decision that he had mulled over so long.”

Pope Benedict is a victim in the sense he headed an institution which had lost contact with the reality of modern life. The Catholic Church was too large, it required an excellent staff that was on top of things, and all it had were too many men lacking the ability to respond to reality. The Pope’s resignation simply is just another story of modern life, of modern institutions, and our inability to create viable organizations free from corruption and crime.